Hua Hin golf courses

Hua Hin green fees are generally very affordable, especially for golfers travelling from outside Thailand.  You will always find good deals, even on some of the top golf courses such as The Banyan Golf Club and Black Mountain.

However, there are certain things you can do to ensure you are getting the best value for money when paying Hua Hin green fees.

The best time to travel to Hua Hin for a golf holiday is between November and February.  This is because the weather is cool and dry, meaning favourable conditions most of the time.  What this also means is Hua Hin green fees are at their most expensive.  Many people travel to Hua Hin at this time of year to play golf and the demand is high so golf clubs can charge higher green fees.  Accommodation is also more expensive this time of year with increased tourism.

If you would like to pay lower Hua Hin green fees, the best time of the year to play golf is between April and October.  This is known as the low season for travel in the region and therefore the number of people wanting to play golf is reduced.

However, despite the weather not being as reliable as the high season, you will still have many fantastic days to play golf.  September is the main month in terms of rainfall, so you may want to avoid booking a golf holiday during this period but even then, it never tends to rain every day.

Despite being hot, April to June is still a great time to play golf in Hua Hin and the green fees are cheaper than the months between November and February.

The Hua Hin Golf Festival is another good time for lower Hua Hin green fees.  The festival is usually held between August and September and features some great deals on green fees at the top golf courses in Hua Hin.

Several Hua Hin golf clubs have excellent offers during the festival including Black Mountain, Lake View, Majestic Creek, Palm Hills, Royal Hua Hin, Sea Pines, Springfield Country Club and Banyan.

If you have ever dreamed of playing these courses but have been put off by the green fees, the Hua Hin Golf Festival is a great time to play.

For those who would like to visit during the high season but would like to pay lower Hua Hin fees, look out for twilight rates.  These are available in the evening; hence the name and you will find the green fees are cheaper than at any other time during the day. 

If you are planning on playing golf at Majestic Creek, Springfield Country Club or Lake View, you also have the option to share a cart.  This can reduce overall cost for the round and is a great way to save money when playing golf in Hua Hin.

When you have decided where to stay we can also hlep you to book a tee time in Hua Hin

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